About Griffith Diesel Service

Griffith Diesel Injection Service is one of the leading diesel fuel injection specialists in NSW servicing the Riverina Region.

Griffith Diesel Injection Service carry out the diagnostic, testing, repair, servicing and calibration of diesel fuel injection pumps, governors, injectors and turbo chargers.

The emerging generation of diesel fuel pumps are controlled using an on-pump microcomputer which balances fuel delivery and timing to microscopic levels. It is impossible to service, calibrate or repair this new generation of pumps without the matching electronically-controlled test benches, and the training to use these complex units to bring the completed pump up to factory specifications.

Griffith Diesel Injection Service Centre’s workshop is well equipped with some of the latest diesel injection service and testing equipment. Griffith Diesel Injection Service boasts a modern, air conditioned, dust free pump room for the overhauling and calibration of diesel injection pumps and injectors.

Griffith Diesel Injection Service also test, clean and servicing petrol fuel injectors with the latest petrol injector test bench and ultrasonic bath.

Diagnostics, Repairs, Calibrations, Tuning & Mechanical Servicing of :

  • Diesel injected Cars
  • 4WDs and light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks and heavy commercial vehicles
  • Tractors and agricultural equipment
  • Plant and industrial machinery
  • Petrol fuel injectors testing, cleaning & servicing

Griffith Diesel Injection Service service, repair & or supply exchange units for all brands of fuel injection including:

  • CAV
  • Delphi
  • Denso
  • Stanadyne
  • Steinbauer Tuning Technologies
  • Bosch Diesel Injection
  • Garret Turbo Chargers
  • Plus a huge range of aftermarket parts and accessories including Redline Additives, Willow Batteries and Stanadyne Fuel Manager filters and kits.

Griffith Diesel Injection Service has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with our high quality of workmanship, enables us to provide our clients with professional, value-for-money service and repairs.

Our overall objective is to make your diesel fuel injection equipment to be reliable & perform efficiently to its maximum capacity.

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