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At Griffith Diesel Injection you always get service with a smile!

Griffith Diesel Service carry a huge range of spare parts in stock for more common diesel injection applications and we are ordering new stock on a day to day basis.

So your spare part will often be overnight. We are happy to order parts from all Australian suppliers including CAV, Delphi, Garret Turbo Chargers, Bosch, Denso, Stanadyne and Steinbauer.

We also keep a stock of spare parts and accessories for Stanadyne Fuel Manager filters, Redline Additive, Willow Batteries, fuel and air filter and adapter kits.

Stanadyne Fuel Manager
Stanadyne has been making diesel fuel filters for over 30 years. Stanadyne’s “Square Filter” design filters, with glass or metal cases, are still seen on many off and on-road applications.
But new technology and requirements from the market have resulted in a new generation of diesel fuel filters known as Fuel Manager.

Fuel Manager is a diesel fuel filter/water separator system. It features a complete range of modules and features to meet any diesel filtration need. The concept is to provide everything you need, but only what you need, using a common range of interchangeable parts that can be added as needed to the basic header to provide specific features to meet specific requirements.

Batteries for Most Vehicles
Finding it hard to get started then why not try a Williow Battery. We have heavy duty quality batteries for all types of vehicles from your family car to 4 wheel drives, tractors & trucks.

RL2 Synthetic Oil
RL-2 is a Diesel Ignition Improver with Fuel Lubricant which restores efficiency & cleans injectors.
The reduction of sulphur in Diesel because of EPA laws has created a problem of reduced lubrication & cooling.

Improves Low-Temperature Operation of Diesel Engines.
Helps prevent gelling and freezing.

All Diesel Injection Parts
We offer a full range of reconditioned, repaired, serviced, exchange and or new injectors and injector pumps. To help your car, 4WD, truck, tractor, industrial and or plant equipment perform to at it’s peak performance and offering the best fuel efficiency.

fuel manager three series
RL2 synthetic oil and antil gel

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RL2 synthetic oil and antil gel

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